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Day 33:Back In the Culinary Groove.

Getting back into the culinary groove took some time, not going to lie. I shadily forgot how to cook the onions al blanc (simple as a plain white wall). I hadn’t worked with Carlos in a while, so figured I’d give it a twirl. We’ll I forgot that he talks to me like a 5 year old when making the recipes and I was not a fan of it this time around. He was trying to give me orders and at first I took it, but I drew the line when he kept having me go get all the ingredients while he did the major work. It’s like ugh Carlos do you not trust me? When he got the horseradish and then asked me for my grater I flipped and said “where’s yours?” He wanted to use mine to prevent him from washing his own! It’s like dude I’m not an idiot- I did better on the servsafe exam then you and got four points higher on the last test- so go bite on a hotdog. Anyways, after telling him he has to stop talking to me like a 5 year old, he was more aware and let me handle more big girl roles like plating.

Our recipe for the day was a stripped bass over lentils with a Dijon vinaigrette sauce (apples included). The bass was seasoned with curry powder, salt, and pepper. I was scared of the curry at first because it brought me back to my trip to India where ALL they serve is curry everything. Besides for the holy cows that roam the streets freely, curry runs that part of the world. Leave it to My-Tree (Maitreywe) the Indian girl in our class to complain about how this curry is garbage compared to the one she uses in her country. If only I didn’t black out the food experience in India and can remember what curry there tastes like. I kid- of course I remember. We cooked the fish (which we filleted by ourselves… the stupid pin bones are impossible to tweeze out!) in a pan with oil till they were golden brown. The lentils were chilling in a russe (pot) with chicken stock, garniture, and seasoning etc. We made a stellar dressing to drizzle on top of blended oil, Dijon mustard, cumin, thinly diced apples, dill, salt, pepper, lemon juice etc. which was yummy in my tummy. The dish was pretty and tasted just as fabulous! Go Carlos! Go Eliana!

In the afternoon, we had a lecture on nutrition, which was extremely boring. I pretty much just read the chapters that we are going to be tested on for Monday. Tomorrow in the afternoon, we have another nutrition session. I feel as though I am back in sixth grade learning about lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. I thought I was done with that. Guess not and I guess this answers the question I always asked in school, “When will I ever need to know this material?” Full circle, people, full circle.



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