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Day 108: Houston We Have a Final Problem.

Getting to school today on the day of my final was a nightmare. The streets were a mess. It was as though 7eleven dumped it’s slushie machine all over the place and then forced you to walk! The ground was pure slush and impossible to navigate. Luckily I somehow made it to school unscathed, but was sopping wet from heat to toe thanks to the sleet rain. I quickly got changed into my chef’s clothes and ran up to the room where we were to taking our written exam. Now, I have been praying to get the bass and chocolate cake combination because I knew that I would be able to handle it with NO stress. The last thing I wanted was a headache. Eliana going out of culinary school without some kind of epic disaster—haha that’s a real hilarious joke said G-d. He had other plans!

After having picked B7 out of the hat, I was miraculously assigned the bass and chocolate combo. I aced my written exam with a 100% , blowing Chef out of the water. He couldn’t believe it and said that I must be a great test taker now if only I could apply that to my discipline and focus (insert One Direction’s song: Story of My Life). After the written exam, off to my final kitchen I went. I started working immediately on my task list multitasking between both the bass elements and the chocolate cake components. I was rocking away harder than the Rolling Stones at any of their given concerts. I executed my bass dish with such grace and delivered it to the judges on time. I think that dish is absolutely delicious and can’t wait to make it at one of my dinner parties.

Now of all things to fail me, I would have never anticipated it being my favorite cake in the whole wide world: CHOCOLATE! I have been so devoted to it all my life. Growing up when the Publix cake was half vanilla half chocolate at birthday parties, I would only eat the chocolate part and then insist on being given a second slice to only then chop it in half again. Same goes with the half vanilla/chocolate cookie that can be found at Jewish Delis all over Jewish suburbs and cities. Well, of all things the chocolate cake ended up being a disaster. If I could sue the darn oven that I used, I would be calling one of the lawyers I see advertising on the subways. I made the batter and the truffle balls to insert into the cake. I even made sure to spray the molds, so that the cake would slip out easily this time (unlike the “mock final” when I forgot to spray them). Let’s just say it had the opposite effect today.

I sprayed the molds, piped my chocolate batter, and put it in the oven to bake. After seven minutes, I took the cake out and dropped the truffle balls in. Then back in it went for another three minutes. Out it came. That’s weird it is still gooey inside. Back into the oven for another two minutes. Out it came. What in G-d’s name? How is it still not ready? At this point, I decided to put it back in for another two minutes, but that was it. I was worried that it would overcook and become too dry. The complete opposite occurred! My cake really out did itself and insisted on proving to the world why it is a molten lava cake. When I went to take the cake out of the mold, the entire cake came OOOOOZING out! The volcano erupted and I didn’t have time to run for cover. I waned to cry mostly because I couldn’t bear the idea of failing. I had no choice, but to plate the molten volcanoes and take the grade.

It’s ironic because the first time it stuck to the mold and now the second it oozed out like chocolate liquid thanks to my messed up oven! I guess the third time will be the charm!

I want to thank you ALL so much for being such an amazing support system over the past six months. I had a blast keeping up with these entries and I hope they provided you with laughs and full stomachs! I cannot believe that I am officially a chef with a diploma from culinary school!!! These past six months have been one of the best experiences of my life and a life long dream that I’ve always wanted to cross off my list of things to do!

I love you and thank you!


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