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Day 106: Pasta and Picture Day

Don’t you hate that feeling you get when you are anxious about something? You just can’t wait to get that particular day over with! My friends- that is how I feel about this coming Wednesday--- MY FINAL! I hope you have all been praying for me to pass because there is NO other option for me. I was up last night pleading with the higher power that I get the “easier” dishes. However, for the midterm in level 3 I got stuck with the “harder” dishes and still whooped that test with a 90 frickin 3! Another two nights to go and another day to go, so let’s goooooooo!

I was the commander in chief for the pasta special of the day. As a team, we decided to go with a spin off of carbonara by creating a parpadelli in a cream mushroom sauce with bacon, fried shallots on top, and fresh parsley. Had I of come into the restaurant today, this dish would have been a definite to order. You had me at cream and mushrooms and the fried shallots-- I mean come on now! I first made the pasta dough and then let it rest. After, I reduced cream, cut up mushrooms sautéed them with shallots and deglazed it with white wine and sautéed up some bacon. I pretty much made my dish to order. I kid you not everyone and their mothers somehow got word that I was making the special pasta dish and they ALL ordered it. I made roughly 8 pasta appetizers and 5 pasta main dishes. There were only 17 covers, so that is almost half the food falling on yours truly! I didn’t mind, I loved all the attention, of course!

We took our class photos today! Everyone let their hair down and all of our previous chefs came to join in on the fun. The only one missing was poor My-Tree because she is home sick. We would have rescheduled, but we already did from Friday. I wanted to take one of those photos where everyone goes crazy, but Chef didn’t like the idea (why didn’t I keep my big mouth shut!). We all got our chef hats, now let’s all pass the final and actually become chefs!

Snow Smooches,


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