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Day 74: Tastes like Hanukkah

We were in full buffet mode. We have to be ready by Tuesday and we don’t have the weekend to prepare, so we made sure to cook everything that could be kept in the fridge over the weekend. Julie made her pulled pork dumplings, Lashandra made her duck poppers (sautéed duck wrapped with bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeno- those will go into the oven next week), Noah made his lamb stew, Jack prepared his beans with ham, Tyler made the head cheese, Pandora prepped her salmon coulibiac (which looks delicious- a coulibiac is a Russian dish consisting of a pie with an entire salmon filet inside with rice, spinach, and mushroom duxelle.. yum.yum.), and I made apple sauce and macaroons! We all helped each other out though as well when we had free time.

Aunt Allison’s macaroon recipe was a hit. Chef Veronica took a bite out of it and said “oh wow, tastes like Hanukkah!” haha- assuming that means she enjoyed it.

Not much else to report on, but didn’t want to leave you hanging without an update.

Have a great weekend!



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