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Day 82: Fire Drill in Chef Whites.

Brrrr- it’s cold outside. As if that wasn’t a hassle enough, we had a “planned” fire drill at 9am sharp. I don’t understand why fire drills are planned because when there really is a fire drill, by no means it is planned. When you know there is going to be a drill, you are super relaxed about it. No one is running for cover. As you can see from the picture, we are all just a bunch of sheep being herded out of the building in our white coats with No jackets. I’m glad I made it out of the building alive only to freeze to death outside!!!! How ironic. Once back inside, I had to chill by the ovens for a good twenty minutes before defrosting!

Today, I continued making the sopra dish (vegetarian). I got one order for that! Woohoo. This morning I remade the mushroom and pine nut filling, as well as the butternut squash with caramelized shallots and cranberries filling. We already had enough bean dip, so I didn’t have to cross the boarder to Mexico to make that topping. Our sandwich of the day was a grilled chicken with roasted red peppers and onions with honey mustard and melted mozzarella cheese! It tickled the taste buds in all the right places! Tomorrow I will rotate to the sandwich of the day! We have extra prosciutto, so I’ll have to incorporate that some how. Excited to get creative! (Just realized the last 4 sentences ended with an ! – sorry for being a cheerleader in your face today).

Stay classy,


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