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Day 73: It's All About the Brisket Baby!

It’s all about the brisket baby! All those sweet spices and bbq sauce finally got married together to create my very first brisket that I ever made in my whole life. I am not going to lie I was extremely nervous to attempt making my brisket in fear that I would mess it up drastically, but luckily I had chef Veronica in the kitchen to assist me whenever I had one of my “Eliana” questions to ask her. The piece of brisket that I received was super fatty! If my brisket could walk, people would be asking him/her if it wanted some fries with that shake. I took out my boning knife and started trimming off the fat inch by inch like a plastic surgeon because I don’t know about you I do not like a fatty piece of meat to eat. Apparently I went a little overboard trimming the fat off because once I saw the look on Chef Veronica’s face I knew that I had gone too far. Oh well- guess I’ll have to just smother it in extra BBQ sauce to replace the fat I took off in the moisture department.

I browned my brisket and then sautéed onions, carrots, and garlic. After I sautéed, I added red wine and reduced it down before adding the veal stock, BBQ sauce, and all the tomato products. Once my braising liquid was done, I got a deep hotel pan and put my brisket in and poured the liquid all over to cover it. I used parchment paper and also tin foil to protect it in the oven. Into the oven it went for a good two and a half hours simmering nice and slow, so that the meat will tenderize. Once my meat was nice and tender, out of the oven it came. The smell of the brisket hit me all at once and I needed to catch myself from passing out. It smelled of everything sexy and spicy and delicious. I had to slice off a tiny piece to try and I was very content. Of course chef Veronica said it needed more salt, but I will add that Monday right before we serve it Tuesday.

I also prepped my ingredients for my noodle kugel dish that I will probably cook either tomorrow or Monday. As for what I did the rest of the day, well I assisted Lashandra in helping her carry heavy things, I watched Tyler make the lamb terrine, I tatsed Julie’s steamed bunz and Noah’s hummus. Yeah, I’d say on a scale from one to ten on the Richter scale my day in terms of an earthquake was a mere 2… maybe even 1, which is a nice change from the rest of my days in culinary school being an 8 or 9 all crazy and all.

Wish you could try my food!


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