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Day 79: Magical World of Pastry.

Happy Friday Everybody! Another fun filled day stuffed with different cookie recipes and cake recipes. On top of making our signature menu level 5 dishes: passion fruit ricotta cake and lime crème brulee, Chef allows us to choose other recipes to make. So, today we decided to make mini carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting and pecan cinnamon mini rolls. The cream cheese frosting was so epic I wanted to save some to use as moisture on my face. I obviously licked the bowl clean and then Pandora’s spatula because it was that scrupulous. The cream cheese had some lemon profile which gave it a nice ol’ bang of flavor all up in mah mouf. No, that is not pieces of nova salmon on top of the carrot cake. It is shaved carrots dipped in simple syrup and then rolled into random flower designs. For our complimentary desert plate, we had the little wishbone looking cookies with raspberry filling dipped in chocolate, the pecan cinnamon mini rolls, and a hazelnut mascarpone chocolate cake. We offered the carrot cake as our special dessert of the day, which was very popular, I might add. Then again, if I was made of nothing but cream cheese, carrots, butter, sugar, and amazingness- I’m sure I’d be a real crowd pleaser too!

Since it was Friday, the restaurant was the busiest it’s been all week. We were getting orders in every other left and every other right, as opposed to every 10 rights and every 10 lefts. So, that was fun. I like working with the fire torch burning the sugar on top of the tarts. I always want to bust out into the song “I’ve got the power” by Snap that was famous in the 90s. However, I hardly had the power all day because I was so focused on the kitchen next door (we see directly into them because the wall in between the two kitchens is a glass window). The kitchen next door is cake design and they were making the most outrageous incredible cakes ever. When I was making the ricotta mousse for the menu dessert, chef told me I don’t pay attention to what she is saying…. Ahhh I’m trying to, but I can’t stop drooling over the designs. You’d do the same!- don’t lie…



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