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Day 80: Pillsbury's New Dough Girl.

Will somebody please check me into the raw cake batter’s anonymous, already? It’s getting ridiculous. My dreams are all about the batter. My songs in the shower are all about the batter. It’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to bed. I don’t know what to do! I am going crazy. Sending out an SOS for help before it’s too late. Before, I turn into a walking Pillsbury dough girl!!!!(Disclaimer: This dramatic excerpt you just heard is very much exaggerate and is as fluffy as marshmallow fluff, but was imperative in creating a connection with the readers). I was caught red handed licking the batter off the mixer. Look at my eyes; I look like a deer caught in headlights (worth every second of it though).

Since I am the queen of running the dishes on a tray from the pastry station to the servers, I figured it would only be fair to give you a picture of my favorite task in the kitchen. It is partly my favorite job because I get to run around and see everyone around the kitchen/ flap my wings like the social butterfly that I truly am. Our special desert for the day was a s’mores graham cracker pie with chocolate ice cream. Chef taught me how to make her banana bread, which was light and moist. When I have banana bread though, I want banana to be as flamboyant as possible. Therefore, next time, I’ll add five bananas instead of four. I’ll call it the extra banana bread!

Tomorrow we switch stations and I’ll be at production! Not quite sure what that whole station is about, but I’ll be sure to let you in on the goods.

E.V.O.L. ,

(no it does not stand for extra virgin olive oil… it is LOVE backwards <3 )


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