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Day 81: Adios Pastry, Hello Production.

Move over Pastry, hello production! All in a days work, I was a butcher, a dishwasher, a messenger, a runner, a yogurt maker, a taster, a sandwich inventor, a helper, an annoyance to Carlos, and a Sopra maker. Production is looking to be a promising next four days; I can’t wait. Production allows us to be a little creative. Level 5 (that’s me!) get’s to make the sandwich of the day and Level 6 makes the pasta of the day. On top of that, we make the sopra (vegetarian corn tortilla dish with toppings) and the tiny amuse-bouche (the one bite hors d’oeuvre). The amuse- bouche of the day was a fried breadcrumb with smoked trout with a mini scoop of beet salad and spicy crème fraiche. Can you say deeeeeeliiiiiiciooous!? The sandwich of the day was grilled salmon topped with a lemon, dill, cilantro crème fraiche based sauce and arugula on a brioche bread. Look up in the sky it’s a bird, it’s a plane—no it’s an epic explosion in your mouth… ka-BOOM!

Tyler made the burgers, Pandora dealt with the sandwich, and I got left in right field with the sopra (vegetarian dish)—ha go figure, Ms. Meat girl herself. It’s all-good though because we rotate every day, so I’ll get to play around. Our station wasn’t extremely busy today because for some reason EVERYONE ordered either the hanger steak or short ribs from the saucier department. I guess if I were a patron, I’d probably go with either of those two options, so I can’t point any fingers because I’m guilty, too. We got two orders today for raw onions on the side. Talks about a kicking breathe! Chef turns to us and says, “Those two are going to be spending the night either together… or alone!” Touché Chef, my exact thoughts. Would have been nice if pastry gave them some desert mints to take for the road.

Anywho, time for me to show off our dishes….

Stay Hungry,


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