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Day 98: Watched like a Hawk.

Darn, was my reaction after I called the ICC emergency hotline this morning to find out if there was school today or not. Yessir- there was school… if you can call it that. We had six covers in the restaurant today. A whopping six! However, we still had some work to do like make yet another batch of duck and chicken stock. The walk in freezer is inundated with stock and duck fat, but we need to continue practicing how to make it.

Pretty sure nothing I do these days gets past chef. His eyes are on me like vultures in the night waiting to call me out on something I did wrong. I was eating breakfast right when I got in (a piece of extra focaccia bread) and he called me out on it. And no, I am NOT the chef’s pet—I just somehow attract their attention and not always in a positive way. It’s like I’m the troublemaker they need to constantly keep their eye on. At 24 years old, this still happens to me. Not sure if that is something to be proud of or not. Probably the latter.

Even though we were uber slow, chef had us plate the dishes (duck and chicken) to gain practice. The duck dish is more intricate then the chicken because the mise in more involved (please pray that I don’t get the duck dish on the final—we’ll whatever, I’ll be fine either way because I won’t have a choice.. but, still pray.. gracias).

After tomorrow, I move to pastry! Bring on the sweets… I’m craving them!

Happy Wednesday,


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