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Day 102: A Piece of Cake, Also Literally.

Pastry has been a lot of fun theses days. Working on the two level 6 dishes with Chef is a piece of cake (no pun intended). Now, I probably shouldn’t bite my tongue yet because tomorrow is my pastry mock final where I will have to make both desserts before 11:30 then walk the plank over to the chef’s table for them to be the judge whether it’s the crème of the crop or a load of crap. Hopefully I get the first option.

Chef calls me “cheeky” because she says that I am fresh! Not fresh in a disrespectful way, but fresh like I gots me some attitude. She hails from Brooklyn, so she knows what’s up. Chef told us today that she’d rather be a “smartass than a dumbass” hahaha we all laughed because that phrase is just too fabulous. Chef wanted to get to know us, so she had me tell her about Pandora, Pandora tell her about Tyler, and Tyler tell her about me. Well, I was pretty much whispering in Tyler’s ear what to say because he made a joke and said “She is from Miami- that should tell you everything you need to know” hahahah okay I see how it is. I’ll remember that when you are vacationing where I live.

I made the pate brisee (dough) for the pear tart today. I first mixed the flour, salt, and sugar in with the butter until the butter was lentil size. Then slowly added water in until the dough was “shaggy” like a dog. Chef introduced us to rolling our dough on two sheets of parchment to avoid making a mess per usual. Once my dough was rolled, I cut pear shapes with the pear shape cutter out of the dough. My dough turned out nice and golden brown. Hopefully, the dough puts it’s best foot forward again tomorrow for our mock final.

My roommate is lucky because I begged chef to let me bring her home a yummy treat! If she doesn’t like it, then I’ll tell her my partner did it! Hahha I’m kidding- I made it with love.

Chocolate Flavored Kisses!


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