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Day 66: It's My Duty to Be on Stock Duty.

Today marked the first day of snow y’all. I was so excited to look out my window and see the snow flurries falling down. All was marvelous until I walked outside and instantly froze like an icicle. Luckily, I was inside all day hovering over the burners. I made Israeli couscous today with olive oil, tomatoes, and parsley chopped up. We used chicken stock to flavor the couscous while cooking and also added turmeric to give the couscous a nice yellow color. We also made lamb patties (I refer to them as lamb balls, but chef corrected me obviously). We also had harissa carrots- I didn’t try them, so I can’t tell you how they tasted, sorry.

In the afternoon, I refused to do the shocks because I did it the day before and a few days before that and it’s too much effort considering there are some people in my group who have yet to be on stock duty and are avoiding it. Lashandra tried to get me to do it with her today because it is our day to do stocks, but I volunteered to do it the day before, so someone else should take my place cough cough the people that have never helped. I am NOT strong for the millionth time. Stock duty requires upper arm strength carrying barrels on barrels of stocks. I will do anything else (maybe not peel a hundred garlic, but….)- just please no slave intense heavy lifting labor and I hate how this makes me sound like a spoiled jappy girl! Grrr!

Luckily I got off stock duty, probably because chef just didn’t want to hear me complaining about it for the second day in a row, so he let me help him make the dry rub for the spare ribs to marinate in before we make them tomorrow. Now, chef created this dry rub mixture after all his years working the kitchen. His dry rub mixture is NO joke. He uses basically EVERY single spice in the spice cabinet. Depending on the spice, we measured out either half a cap full, a cap full, or two cap full measurements to include in and then a boat load of salt (I think he measure the salt depending on 45% of the bones weight). Anyways, once all the spices were mixed, Pandora and I rubbed the baby back ribs all up in the aromatic powder mixtures. We put them in a big container and into the freezer they go over night to marinate.

Tomorrow will be a southern take on food- cornbread, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and ribs! Move over Southern Belles- this cowgirl is riding into town tomorrow- look out.

Today is 11-12-13 (cool)!


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