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Day 68: Covered in Tomato Bean Stew.

Morning was pretty busy because I was elbows deep in tandoori chicken. The chicken was stored in this huge tub and in order to get those birds out, I had to get my whole sleeve covered in sauce. Well, technically I didn’t have to get covered in sauce, but somehow it always happens to me. I come in with perfectly clean white chef coats and leave covered in every little ounce of filth. It is as though my coat is a magnet and food attracts to it like glue or its like I am a pig who rolls around in mud all day. While the chicken was in the oven, I was busy turning leftover food into cold salads. Example: chicken into a pesto chicken salad. I also was in charge of making the salad dressing- a gallon’s worth! Insane! While making the salad dressing, I think I gave chef John a few mini heart attacks. For one I asked him if I should use a blinder to do it in! Haha and two I put the vinegar with the oil in together before adding the mustard! I then dumped it out and he freaked out because he said that I could have re-emulsified it back in! Oops I didn’t know.

After the lunch service, Julie asked me to bring over the leftover hotel pans with extra food in it. So, I decided it would be a good idea to carry three of the hotel pans at the same size. Well unbeknownst to me, there was a bean tomato stew in one of the pans. As I was carrying the load, the middle tray slipped and the tray leaned in towards my stomach. The next thing I know, I am covered in tomato bean stew and it’s hot! Looks like someone is going to have to make a trip to the dry cleaners again!

Chef Will got me another apron from the stock room and I washed myself off a little. After lunch, I hedlped butcher hanger steaks and peel plantains. Tomorrow we are traveling to Hispanic culture with some platanos maduros and chimicurri steak! Right up my alley!



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