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Day 28: Sugar High.

Day two of pastries and I’m still high from all the sugar. There was a point in the day where I was licking the soufflé mixture out of the bowl not caring that there were beaten raw egg whites all up in it. Everyone else was using their fingers, but I have no shame in my game I went straight for the spatula and licked it clean. We made ice cream, sorbet, frozen fruit soufflé, and meringues. We made coffee ice cream, green tea ice cream, grapefruit sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla chocolate chip ice cream. Yes, I do love vanilla ice cream, but I am a chocolate girl one hundred percent. Ask me any time any day and I’ll choose chocolate ice cream over vanilla. When I raised my hand to suggest making chocolate ice cream- only TWO people agreed! Everyone else is on team vanilla! I was shocked, but didn’t agree because I guess that means I won’t be gaining as much weight as everyone else by eating the vanilla- hahha suckers! (I’ll make up for those calories somehow—probably by eating more batter than anyone else… who does that? It’s like when you make pancakes and cant stop dipping your fingers in the mix/ basically eat the whole thing before you even cook it. Please tell me I am not the only one who does that!).

After we set our ice cream up, chef showed us how to use the machine. The machine is a real heavy-duty ice cream machine that restaurants own. The machine cost about 7,000, so I made sure to stay as far away as possible from it because knowing me I’d break it somehow. Carlos was the resident ice cream maker. I joked that he should get a job at an ice cream parlor because he was hogging the machine and obsessed with it for a good majority of the day. After the ice cream, we made meringues. We melted sugar with water and then added it to the egg yolks. Then used an intense machine to whip the eggs until they became fluffy like marshmallow fluff. Don’t think I didn’t fill the pastry bag with the fluff all the way to the top and then squirt a dozen drops into my mouth. Chef taught us how to shape our meringues because we are going to need to make them on our final practical exam. We shaped our meringues into different shapes using the pastry bag. We then put them in the convection oven and will check on them tomorrow.

Now, onto my favorite part of the day- FROZEN FRUIT SOUFFLES!!!! I worked with my resident frozen fruit soufflé homie- Rebecca. Back in level 1 when we got to try the soufflés her and I no joke downed an entire one quicker than the fat little boy eating the chocolate cake from Matilda. Essentially a frozen fruit soufflé is a soufflé that is frozen (wow, gee Eliana thanks for that great description) instead of baking it. We needed to line our hotel pan with parchment paper before putting the soufflés on top. Before lining my hotel pan with parchment paper, I had to cut it in half. While looking for my knife, my parchment paper decides to light itself on fire from the stove pilot and next thing I know my paper is in flames. Oh lordy lordy! I didn’t scream or make a scene (Chef Jeff taught me that), but instead grabbed my spatula and started banging away on the counter! Well, that was a close call! Our soufflés went unscathed (thank g-d). We pilled our little molds with the soufflé mix and popped those bad boys into the freezer. Tomorrow we will turn into the Romans and invade! Somebody better warn those soufflés!

Currently have a sugar headache!

- Ms. Lick the Batter till it’s clean

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