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Day 32: Adios Pastries, It's Been Real.

I don’t know if I am sad or happy about the fact that today was our last day of pastries. Now it’s back to culinary and I’m a bit scared because pastries were so much easier (or maybe I’m just better at them). Regardless, I have no choice but to move on because I wouldn’t want culinary to think that I am cheating on him (as if he wouldn’t notice there was something different about me aka my few new pounds). Today we finished making our pastry puff dough and learned how to work with crepes! I remember every year for Hanukkah when Aunt Dedee and Uncle Alan used to have the “French Crepe Maker” stand come to their house and make us endless crepes. I used to beg my mom to have those at OUR parties, but instead we always got Mr. Paella (I’m not complaining though). Oh, I loved those crepes oh so much! Every year I used to look forward to Hanukkah because that was the only time we ate crepes… luckily Aventura Mall has now answered my prayers because the crepe makers have a permanent station in the food court.

The first crepe we made was a Crepe Suzette. This crepe is very sweet and extremely orangey. We first made the crepe batter and then the orange compound butter sauce. Although we had ample time to prepare our mise en place (ingredients) for the dish, chef had us plate our dish and prepare it right before lunch. Everyone was rushing and he was NOT happy. Well, chef we hoooongry and want to get our grub on (even though when you are cooking food all day, all you do is try try try everything… yes batter included… so by the time it gets to be lunch you aren’t hungry, but the food is in front of you, so you eat it anyways. It’s a vicious cycle- I tell you!) Since this week has been non-stop busy for me, I took it upon myself to use the extra freshly squeezed orange juice to make a vitamin C shot to drink hoping to boost my immune system. Ingenious, I know.

After the crepe Suzanne, we made a savory crepe with a ham, cheese, beer, mushroom, and onion filling. If you have ever been to the melting pot and ordered their cheese fondue it actually tasted just like it, but Rebecca (my partner) was not stingy with the beer, so ours tasted extra strong and extra good. We are going to eat them tomorrow and melt cheese on top of them in the oven. Count me in! Rebecca said she “bet those crepes taste just like Jesus” (not sure how Jesus tastes, but I’m assuming delicious?!)

In the afternoon, we made our fruit tarts on the pastry puff dough. I was so happy because mine actually looked like one that would be sitting in the see through cabinet at a French bakery. At first my row of kiwis was a hot mess because I didn’t cut them the right way, so Rebecca cut it for me. What would I do without her? We also made these banana fritters in a cinnamon sauce. They come in second place for banana desserts right behind my Daddy’s bananas foster. These little banana fritters though were sccccc-rrummmp-tiouss. Rebecca and I didn’t leave a single one behind- they all easily slide down to our stomach.

Tomorrow we learn about nutrition. I probably shouldn’t know how many calories each one of these dishes is comprised of. I would rather keep it a surprise- darn it! It’s like when you go to Dunkin Donuts and find out that the donut you have been ordering every week (obviously the chocolate frosting with sprinkles one) is 500 calories because they now post it. Why did they do this to me? I now only get the donut every OTHER week.



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