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Day 75: First Home Cooked Meal.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving spent with family surrounded with fabulous/delicious food. I know I did. I went home for 5 days and it felt like I was in the kitchen half of the time or shopping at Publix the other half. I can’t get any credit for the Thanksgiving meal because my mom was the one that took care of that- we’ll semi. But, after thanksgiving, which we do around 1 pm, I hired a bunch of sous chefs (Mother, Nataly, Baba, and Tio Edgar) to help me work on my menu project. For level 5 coming up, we each have to create a menu of four dishes: appetizers, fish, meat, and dessert. We have to come up with a concept/theme behind our menu, as though we were opening up a restaurant. We need recipes, pictures, wine pairings, the whole nine yards! We even are required to food cost one of the recipes out- to see how much you would charge each person a plate. My theme is a Jewish/Hispanic theme, but I will get more into that come level 5.

Anyways, we were busy cooking up a storm! Tio Edgar showed me his favorite fish dish called tropical fish Rangoon. It was off the chain—smoking good! Then made latkes, brisket, and macaroons. I really put Mommy and Baba to work as well slicing and prepping the food/ingredients for me. Thank the lord. We even learned how to make rice from scratch and black beans!

Then on Saturday, my dad insisted that I cook the family my first official meal! He didn’t really even give me the option, but it was my pleasure—as long as I could rehire my sous chefs! Once the sous chefs were hired (Mom, Baba, Nataly, Grandma, Therms!) it was time to prepare the menu. Braised Lamb shanks over Israeli Couscous, fillet mignon with shallot/ herb compound butter, tropical grilled shrimp, truffle mushroom risotto, buffalo chicken meatballs, and chocolate soufflés. I only had a few hours to work with since we all went to lunch at Joe’s with my Uncle Howard and I was told I was cooking dinner when I woke up at 11. So, from 2-3 we went grocery shopping and from 3:30-8 I didn’t step foot outside of the kitchen. Every single pot and pan was used! Every single utensil you can imagine was used. The kitchen was a disaster. I have no idea how my Mom kept it together because normally she would be flying over the coo-coos nest Jack Nicholson style on all of us. I served dinner for about 15 people (remember I have a big family)! All and all, I thought it turned out pretty dandy for my first home cooked meal. I need to figure out how to keep my food warm, but the flavor profiles were right there! The chocolate soufflés were a hit as well. Thanks to those of you who were my first test tasters- hope no one got sick! Haha just kidding- but no really.

After dinner, the dishwasher/ kitchen maintenance man was called into duty- the one the one gorgeous boy… my Daddy. He was in their elbows deep wiping all the grease off and drying off the dishes as my mom washed them. We all almost passed out. That scene was almost as rare as seeing a Priest “twerking” at Liv (nightclub) on a Sunday night (hip-hop night…). I am so thankful to have had built in help… I can’t even tell you! I do hope that all of you at one point will be able to share a meal with us cooked and prepared by me. (Sidenote: He is whipping the eggs for me because my hand was hurting- that is another duty I made him do! Haha wow I sound so bossy—they all offered, I swear!)

Today in school, I made saffron gnocchi! I love me some gnocchi! Chef almost had a heart attack when she saw the amount of saffron I used because apparently the little hefty tablespoon I used was a little too hefty and probably cost a $100. Oops- did I do that? (in a Steve Urkel voice). Yes, Embietta (mom’s nickname) I saved the recipe and will bring it home to teach you. Mehhhhh- I miss my sous chef!

Miss Miami already!


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