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Day 87: Be More 'Delicate', said Chef.

I really want to take a nap, so I am going to keep this straight to the point. Our chef wasn’t here today, so we had another chef fill in. Tyler was sick, so it was just Pandora and I holding down the fort. Since I have been doing the spinach and smoked salmon dish basically all week, we decided I would handle those dishes and Pandora would do the seasonal salad and potato soup. We both made the soup together though. Peeling potatoes is no joke. My thumb after potato four was falling off. I had to switch the way I was peeling.

When it finally came time to service, we were busy for a while at the beginning and then it slowed down towards the end. At one point, we were very busy and I had to plate the soup, which usually falls under Pandora’s watch. Well, apparently after I plated the soup, Chef told me that I need to plate the soup more delicately like Pandora does. She then made me watch Pandora plate. First of all, I was never really properly taught how to plate the darn soup. Second, do I look like a person who has ‘delicate’ in their vocabulary? Yeah- I thought so. I guess the messy salads are where I belong.

Chef Genoe- the French grandpa figure- came down to visit us this morning. Lashandra and I did not waste the opportunity of snapping a photo with my favorite!

Happy birthday Danielle “DonQuihote” Balsam!



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