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Day 93: Big Mouth Bass.

Nothing like the first day at a new station the day after flying in from a family vacation (I know, poor me. Someone get the mini violin out and start playing it.) We had our first test today (not take home) since level 3, but it didn’t faze me because every question was one that we’ve had on prior tests. After the test, my partner and I went straight to work on both the strip bass with two sauces celery root and apple puree (took home a quart container because it’s delicious) and a smoked shallot sauce along with the second dish the cod cooked two ways with mushrooms, a cod fritter, and some garlic pesto sauce. Both of the fish dishes are fresh, clean, and delicious. The bass gets ordered more than the cod, but either way I’d be satisfied ordering either dish.

The restaurant wasn’t extremely busy and neither was our prep work. Pandora took care of the mushrooms (it’s on both of our poissonnier dishes) and I handled the cod fritter batter. I boiled the cod and then drained it. Gathered the flour, baking powder, finely chopped garlic, chopped herbs, and then used the liquid I boiled the cod in to incorporate the batter with. We didn’t deep-fry them until the dish was ordered, so that the fritter wouldn’t get soggy. Chef let me practice making a plate before service in order to practice the dish. The cod is extremely delicate, so I had to handle it with extra tender love and care.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on the striped bass dish! I remember when we were younger; my mom bought my dad that singing bass that would sing (duh- hence the name), so now every time I hear bass I associate it with the Big Mouth Billy Bass that hung on my dad’s wall. That bass is talented, I tell you. Not only could it sing “Take Me to the River”, but also one of my favorites “Don’t worry, be happy”. I hate to break it to you Billy, but you aren’t going to the river anytime soon my man. But hey! don’t get upset just keep singing “don’t worry, be happy”.

Don't Worry, Be happy!


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