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Day 104: 5 More Days!

Moved over to the production station. O.M.G.—I’m done in 5 days (well 4 not counting today). I could cry! My day consisted of three things: 1) breaking down the both the cod and bass, 2) Cleaning, 3) Helping Tyler with the canapés (one bite dishes).

1) As level 6 on production, you are in charge of butchering all the proteins needed for service (i.e. chicken, duck, cod, and bass). I volunteered to fillet both fishes because I wanted the challenge of man handling a HUGE mando fish and filleting them like a pro (or trying to). Yeah, that’s fish slime all over my fingers—say cheese bass! After filleting the fish and skinning the cod (such a delicate fish—you would think it was a far relative from the Queen), I had to weigh each piece and divide them into 150 lb portions. Some were right on the money weighing in at 150g and others were 135-219g oops. I tried my best to keep them in the 150g zone! I could only do so much….

2) Cleaning the fish station was not something I wanted to do, but had no choice. At least I got to use this huge hose that just sprayed the fish guts all over dah place.

3) Production for level 6 has three components- butchering, pasta special, and canapé (amuse bouche). Pandora was on the pasta dish like cheese on mac and Tyler wanted to do the canapé; so today I was the utility player helping out wherever I could (mostly with Tyler). The canapé of the day was a roasted cherry tomato with goat cheese, bacon, and herb filling (obviously Glatt kosher certified) with spinach scallion garlic oil drizzled on top and a cute chervil leaf. We deseeded the tomatoes filled them with the goat cheese then baked them off, added the oil and chervil and there you have it folks—our amuse bouche of the day! It was quite yummy- extremely fresh! Every person that orders food gets one sent over to their table, pretty cool if you ask me.

Tomorrow, I am going to be working on the amuse bouche. I want to make corn hush puppies or some sort of corn beignets. If you’ve never had them before, do yourself the favor and get your butt to a restaurant that serves up dank ones. You will not be disappointed when that gooey corn comes exploding out. Rawr—that just sounds too sexy. Ohhhh baybeeh!


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