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Day 70: Family Meal to Buffet, Score!

Half way done with level 4 and my mind is blown at how fast time flies. Chef Veronica came back today and my group switched from family meal to buffet for the next two weeks. Buffet is where we get to make whatever recipes we want and prepare them for the whole school to try! Due to the fact that my group has buffet during Thanksgiving break, we only will be putting on one GRAND buffet instead of two mini buffets. Most groups put on two buffets, but we will just wow everyone with one. In level three, Chef Veronica had us compile a list of recipes that followed a sort of theme, so that we could make them in buffet. Well, I chose to do all Jewish Holiday dishes being that I feel as though it will be valuable to learn how to do since I hope to host parties in the future and also Hanukah falls early this year, so we can include the holiday in our buffet! Some of my dishes include brisket, potato latkes, macaroon’s, noodle kugel, etc. We also have some charcuterie dishes that I will be assisting on. For example, a holiday ham, gravlax, pates, lamb shank terrine, sausages, and then we have a whole bunch of deserts and sides as well. When my group types up the final menu, Ill make sure to send it! For now, I am attaching my handwritten buffet menu for your enjoyment.

I am excited to put on this buffet. Tomorrow we are breaking down half a pig! This should be interesting and I will take epic pictures! Butchery 101 continues tomorrow. We are also making cures and brines to enhance the flavors of our foods tomorrow!



Ps- sorry today was so short! All we did was lecture about charcuterie and plan our dishes for the week!

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