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Day 97: I Love You My Pear Dumpling.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend off thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King. Gotta love having Mondays off because you aren’t as tired waking up on that Tuesday and your week tends to pass by that much faster. Storm Janus has officially hit the northern east coast and as a result the restaurant was slower than molasses today. Janus was dumping snow on New York making it powder like a white sprinkled blizzard. Didn’t stop us in the kitchen though. We were prepping per usual getting ready for service. I’m still on the saucier station and brought my A game today after I got in a little bit of trouble with chef on Friday for not paying close enough attention in class, forgetting the rice pilaf recipe, and burning the rice. Oy- what am I going to do with myself? Thank the lord I had my family visiting on Friday to cheer me up because I was getting the business before they arrived.

Have no fear! Made the rice today for the second time and it came out just right. I tore the duck confit meat inside with mushrooms, Spanish sausage, chives, oyster sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper. Then the rice is made into a little ball and rolled in sliced pear. I like to call it our little pear fried rice dumpling. The dumpling goes along with the seared duck breast and the duck reduction sauce we make from the duck stock. Delicious golden brown sautéed Brussels sprouts accompany the main course like a good side dish. The plating is beautiful and the meat is tender and oh so yummy!

Not sure if there will be school tomorrow, since NYC has become Santa’s fantasy playground. I might just have to go dashing through the snow tonight.

All you in the warm--- grrrrrr!


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